Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I am very proud of myself. I cooked a dinner. I didn't have a cookbook and it didn't end up burned or undercooked or worse. Which sadly is how many of my meals turn out. I think I tend to have this great idea that I can cook, but really I suck at it. My husband and son are so nice to me too. They actually eat the stuff and tell me they like it. I follow that up by, "Should I make this again?" This is a nice way of telling me how the meal really was.

More shocking, I cooked something we haven't ever eaten before. It was flounder. Holy Crap, I ate flounder and I really liked it! We also had asparagus and some vegetable pasta thing.

What cracks me up is I got a thumbs up from my son for the flounder and his review, "At first you think the asparagus has too much salt, then you taste it and it doesn't." Uhm, okay. Thanks! My husband, on the other hand, "liked the fish" and barely touched the other stuff. I think he later disappeared into the other room to vomit.


Erika said...

Too funny. Your pretty brave. I have never had flounder. I had sole once and it was GROSS! My dh thinks I just cooked it wrong all I could think was "Geez, Your welcome for the meal"

Heidi said...

Tell me about. I get quite the looks from my husband. Thankfully he has learned just to say thanks! Even if I cook it wrong he is really sweet! What is sole anyway??